Photographs are courtesy of Chad Boorsma

Basilica of St. Adalbert
671 Davis Avenue, NW

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504

Wicks Organ Company
Three Manuals, 72 Ranks  1980

Tonal Consultant: Jonathan Tuuk
Tonal Finisher: Charles Mosley

Download specification pdf: Basilica of St. Adalbert


Calvin Christian Reformed Church
700 Ethel Avenue, SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506

Aeolian-Skinner Organ 
Three Manuals, 50 Ranks
Opus 1302, 1957

Download specification pdf:  Calvin Christian Reformed Church

Calvin College Chapel
3201 Burton Street, SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49546

Dobson Organ Builders 
Three Manuals, 49 Ranks
Opus 44, 1989

Download specification pdf:  Calvin College Chapel

Cathedral of St. Andrew
267 Sheldon Avenue, SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Orgues Letourneau, Ltee.

Gallery Organ
Four Manuals, 54 Ranks, Opus 77
Download Specification: Cathedral of St. Andrew

Chancel Organ
Two Manuals, 18 Ranks, Opus 78

Chapel Organ
Two Manuals, 14 Ranks, Opus 79 

Gallery Organ

Chancel Organ

Chancel Organ

Chapel Organ

Chapel Organ

Central Reformed Church
10 College Avenue, NE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Schantz Organ Company
Five Manuals, 81 Ranks

Major additions by
Robert Dial

Download Specification pdf: Central Reformed Church


Central Seventh Day Adventist Church
100 Sheldon Avenue, SE 
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Johnson Pipe Organ 
Two Manuals, 17 Ranks

Download Specification pdf: Central Seventh Day Adventist Church


East Congregational
United Church of Christ
1005 Giddings Avenue, SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506

Schantz Organ Company 
Four Manuals, 61 Ranks
Lauck Organ Company 

Download Specification pdf: East Congregational Church


First Congregational
United Church of Christ
(“Park Church”)
10 East Park Place, NE

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Skinner Organ Company 1930 
Rebuilt by M. P. Moller Organ Company 1969 & 1988.

Rebuilt by Muller Pipe Organ Company 2005
Four Manuals, 81 Ranks

Download Specification pdf: First (Park) Congregational Church

J. S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue in f minor BWV 534

by James Metzler, Director of Music 2006- 2013

Johann Michael Bach: Jesus Christ our Saviour

by James Metzler, Director of Music 2006-2013

First United Methodist Church
277 East Fulton Street
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

M. P. Moller 1954 & 1960

Major refurbishing and expansion by Roger Colby and George Buck 
Four Manuals, 67 Ranks  1993

Download Specification pdf: First United Methodist Church


Fountain Street Church
24 Fountain Street, NE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Austin Organs Opus 2782, Allen Organ Company

Five Manuals, 138 Ranks – 34 Digital Ranks

Download Specification pdf: Fountain Street Church


Grace Episcopal Church
1815 Hall Street, SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506

Noack Organ Company
Three Manuals, 56 Ranks
Opus 94,1981

Download Specification pdf: Grace Episcopal Church


Grand Valley State University
1 Campus Drive
Allendale, Michigan 49401
Cook-Dewitt Center

Reuter Organ Company 
Opus 2142 
Two Manuals, 32 Ranks
Download Specification pdf:  Grand Valley State University

Holy Family Catholic Church
425 South State Street
Sparta, Michigan 49345

Bedient Organ Company 
Opus 66 
Two Manuals, 14 Stops

Download Specification pdf:  Holy Family Catholic Church


J. S. Bach: Gott der Vater, wohn uns bei BWV 748

by Dick Hoogterp, Director of Music

Johann Gottfried Walther: Was Gott Tut, das is wohlgetan

by Dick Hoogterp, Director of Music

Immanuel Lutheran Church
2 Michigan Street, NE

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Schlicker Organ Company, Inc. 
Three Manuals, 56 Ranks

Download Specification pdf:  Immanuel Lutheran Church


LaGrave Avenue
Christian Reformed Church
107 La Grave Avenue, SE

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Austin Organ Company 
Opus 2765

Allen Organ Company 
Five Manuals, 76 Ranks
32 Digital Ranks 

Download Specification pdf:  LaGrave Christian Reformed Church


Widor: Toccata - 5th Symphony

by Dr. Larry Visser, Director of Music

Barber: Adagio for Strings

by Dr. Larry Visser, Director of Music

Mayflower Congregational Church
2345 Robinson Road, SE

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506

Tellers – Lauck Pipe Organ Companies 
Five Manuals, 94 Ranks
1968 and 1998

Download Specification pdf:  Mayflower Congregational Church

Sowerby: Harmonies du Soir

by Jonathan Tuuk, Director of Music

Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church
134 North Division

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

J. W. Walker Organ Company 
Four Manuals, 69 Ranks

Download Specification pdf:  St. Mark’s Episcopal Church


Saint Mary’s Roman Catholic Church
423 First Street, NW

Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Skinner Organ Company Opus 686
Three Manuals, 22 Ranks 1928
Restoration by William Schneider  1993

Download Specification pdf:  St. Mary’s Catholic Church


Saint Robert of Newminster
Catholic Church
6477 Ada Drive, SE

Ada, Michigan 49546

Reuter Organ Company Opus 2189 
Three Manuals, 43 Ranks 1997

Tonal Revisions – Hal Gober 2008

Download Specification pdf:  St. Robert’s Catholic Church


Second Congregational
United Church of Christ
525 Cheshire Drive NE

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49505

Reuter Organ Company 
Opus 2197
Three Manuals, 49 Ranks

Download Specification pdf:  Second Congregational Church UCC


Trinity Lutheran Church
2700 Fulton Street. SE 

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506

Orgues Letourneau, Ltee. 
Opus 26
Three Manuals, 36 Ranks

Download Specification pdf:  Trinity Lutheran Church


Trinity United Methodist Church
1100 Lake Drive SE

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506

Casavant Freres 
Three Manuals, 49 Ranks

Download Specification pdf:  Trinity United Methodist Church


Van Andel Museum Center
Meijer Theater
Public Museum of Grand Rapids

272 Pearl Street, NW
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Wurlitzer Theater Organ
Three Manuals, 30 Ranks

Download Specification pdf:  VanAndel Museum Center Wurlitzer


Westminster Presbyterian Church
47 Jefferson Avenue S.E.

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Aeolian Skinner Opus 965, 1937
Three Manuals, 58 Ranks

Alterations and Additions
Lauck Pipe Organ Company  2009

Download Specification pdf: Westminster Presbyterian Church